About Us

We Love To Save You Money.

    www.Industrial-Surplus.com was started 15 years ago as a way to help people save on industrial electrical.  The price of motor starters, heater elements, circuit breakers,  PLC components, transformers, bus plugs, panel switches and every other component has kept going up over the years and we thought we could help anyone from the small business owner to the large corporation cut costs.  We have helped customers save millions of dollars on new, used and surplus electrical.

 After a number of years Anthony and I decided to see if we could help people cut costs on new circuit breakers, mounting hardware kits and breaker accesories. This was how www.Breaker-Store.com was born.  Our goal is to help you save as much money as we can on your new circuit breaker purchases.  We think with our prices and offerings we can do just that.


Who We Have Sold To

Through www.Breaker-Store.com and www.Industrial-Surplus.com we have sold to many customers in many fields, such as Johnson Controls, 3M, ATK, BASF Corporation, Bayer, Wesco International Inc., many Citiies, School Districts,  State and Private Colleges, Croell Redi-Mix,  Ford Motor Company, General Atomics, Graybar Electric Company, Honeywell, Ikea,  Kirby Risk, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Nuclear Science Center At Texas A&M, Raytheon, Rockwell Automation, ThyssenKrupp Elevator, US Postal Service, Yaskawa America, Inc., United Space Alliance and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, among others.  Let us save you money.
Thank You,
Leo P. Hallak and Anthony R. Harlow

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